Where did you meet the one?

"How did you meet your wife?" I asked one of my brothers recently.

" The first time I saw her name on a piece of paper, I knew she'd be my wife."  He said with a  heart warming smile crowned with a twinkle in his eyes. " Even before I met her, I knew it."

I knew then that it wasn't a decision he regretted, or ashamed to talk about. I had the evidence in front of me anyway.. almost twenty years of marriage.... still together, very much in-love and clearly happy.

I didn't see Chinese eyes's name on a paper or in a dream.

I met Chinese eyes in the library. I was supposed to be studying for first year exams, and I can never forget that day because the moment I saw him... even from a distance, something stopped me in my tracks. Literally.
( oh gosh.. If he reads this, I am sure he'll send me a sneazy text saying, "'you didn't say how cute  I was looking..."' whateverrrr).
He came over to where I was and asked what I still call the most unbelievably cheesy question ever:
" Is this the law section?"  he asked this, while eyeing over one thousand law textbooks.
I almost blurted: "Noo.. it is Chinese and Mandarin section..!" hiss....Cant you see the LAW books that are almost falling on your head? if you want to toast babe, get to the point!"

I immediately glazed over with boredom, thinking... " okay, you are cute, but please, can you not see or read?"

He must have noticed this because he said." I can never date a lawyer".
I almost fainted with shock. I don't know you. I don't know your name. for all I know, you are the library security man, and you are telling me that you can never date a lawyer! If u cannot date a lawyer, what is my own? Find a friggin nurse or somin.

But, what he said made me start defending my law profession, saying stuff like.."What do you mean by that? Lawyers are intelligent, brilliant... Have you ever dated a lawyer? what do you know about law? blah blah...."
As I rambled on, this guy wasn't even listening to me. He was checking me out.. BIG TIME! I realised that he just said that to get me started so we can talk! He confessed later that the line is a well used line of his. If I had been in the animal section of the library, he would have said exactly the same thing:
" I can never date an animal.. abi an animal lover?! loll" ....men sha!

Long 'tori cut short, Mr Chinese eyes stole my heart... cheesy line and all.

The story my brother told me about how he met his wife amazed me, and warmed my heart, especially because of how they met and because they are obviously still in love. This set me thinking...I wondered how many people met thier spouses in amusing, funny, unusual circumstances. I wonder how many people met thier spouses and hated them at first, only to be saying I DO a few years later.

Or did you see thier name in City people  magazine and knew it? lol.. jus kidding.. but you get my drift!
Were you friends first, and then one day, bam! it hit you that you had fallen?
And even if you are not married, how would you love to meet your dream man/ woman? where would be the ideal place?

Share your thoughts, while I work hard on my next story.



Myne Whitman said...

Your story with Chinese eyes is so cheesy, he got you right there, lol.

I met my SO online, and we started out as acquaintances and then friends. After a year of intellectual parries and cloaked thrusts, lol he stood in queue and when it got to his turn, he wrote an application. The rest they say is history...

Fabulo-la said...

*sigh* very cheesy but still..
*grabs popcorn and waits for other stories*

@Myne? Online? Please can we hear the rest?

YankeeNaija said...

Why do you have to have this now when I'm single???? lol. I have absolutely no idea where, how I'd like to meet this person I've fantasized about for so long. Heck, I don't even know what he looks like. His outward appearance changes from brown and light skinned brothers to white guys, but his inside remains the same: great character, great personality, a good soul. You and chinese eyes, too cute. love it.

Tatababe said...

@Fab: lol! I feel u joor...Myne oya o me too I want to hear d whole story hehehe

@BimbyLads: I have no idea how I want to meet "the one" I sha know I want it to be fun :-)

Also, pls is there any advice you can give to a soon-to-be 1L? I start this Fall.

Me! said...

Bim!... I want royalties!! (Great write up...well done)

DarLyn said...

Really good one, he gotcha with that line :).
Love stories are always sooo cute (batting eyelashes)

Jaycee said...

LOL Chinese eyes definitely is a smart man. Lol @ if you were in the animal section.

I met hubby because he was literally forced to pick me up (a stranger) from the airport since our mutual friend (who was supposed to pick me up instead) was and is still extremely scared of driving on highways. How we started the journey is a different twist...lol.