Inspiring Events- Family Conference

So, I am starting a new series called, Inspiring Events, where I will show case events happening around the world, specifically for those who are seeking God in one way or the other.

If you would like your church/ inspiring event advertised on my blog,please email: bimbyladsblogATyahoo.co.uk, artwork included, if any.

Praise Chapel UK, invites you to their annual As For Me and My House Family Conference:

And this year's theme is Redeeming, Restoring and Reviving Relationships. I call the 4R's.

This 4 day event is packed with:
  • In depth and soul-stirring workshops on topics including:
*Why does He/ She do that?: You can't seem to understand your wife / husband? They get on your nerves constantly? This one's for you! A workshop for married couples and singles.

*How To Find the Right Mate:  Tired of dating the wrong person? Confused about the Sex/ No Sex before marriage? This workshop is packed with advice, prayer and organised for the singles and young adults.

*The #1 Key to Incredible Sex: Ha! this one, I know your eye will shine!. For  the married only o! need I say more? ;-)

* Exposing the Silent Thieves of relationships: organised to expose the silent struggles couples face, treated with sensitivity and openness, to restore, redeem and heal relationships by God's power.

*Real Life, Real Change: Are you stuck in a dead end job? Feel like a noose is around your neck, hooked unto lead? This one's for you. A motivational and challenging workshop. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

*Parenting: Raising Boys, Good parenting guides and LOTS MORE

Mark Gungor ( Laugh your way, USA)
Mary Goudie ( NGM, UK)
Dave Edwards ( USA)
Kofi and Jayne Banful, ( Praise Chapel London, Hosts)

Guess who will be performing?  Gabriel Eziashi, Charlie and Jill Le Blanc and the amazing praise chapel Band.
Come and be blessed, led, challenged, healed and inspiried.

ALL meetings and workshops are FREE. Light Refreshments can be purchased from the on site cafe.

More Info? contact: infoATmyhouseconference.org or bimbyladsblogATyahoo.co.uk
Address:  Gladstone Park Complex, Gladstone Park Primary School, Cullingworth Road, Dollis Hill, London. NW10 1ET.

Really!!...What better way to begin the remaining half of this year?

Bless you, and see you tommorow for a continuation of the story by God's grace.

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