Its been one rollercoaster half year abi? first Obama climbed the ladder of impossibility to be president of yankee- the pace setter and first of his kind......Then
Fast forward six months, and Micheal Jackson whom I had fondly christened 'Monkeli' being the Yoruba woman that I proudly am; passed away.
Oh, how I cried. No, I didnt cry, I wept my eyes out. I bawled. I was huffing and puffing and wiping the endless tears that cascaded down my face... until my hubby said, ' Bim, imagine if micheal should just push that golden castket open and shout :"dont cry my peoples...I still dey!"- I am sure the crowd will scatter by fire!'. lol.. but do u know? someone like that Mariah Carey who was crying like a diva, will just gather her long dress under her armpits and fly off the podium! na who wan see dead persin ? sheesh!
Despite my tears, I had to laugh. Thank God for the gift of laughter inspite of the most downest of moments.
But, did you people not notice how Usher was the only one to touch the casket? That bobo get sense. He was the only one to use 'Elisha's idea' and collect the double potion of Monkeli's annointing. I am sure Usher has one pastor that advised him to touch casket twice and 'gbwoa.. the double potion of Micheal's annointing' will flow... Usher funara re! correct bobo!
Okay, incase if you haven't noticed yet, I have absolutely nothing to blog about.
I am still missing Monkeli and I will return after I have finished mourning him.
I did paste somin special on my other blog tho'.
take care and take heart, my fellow Monkeli lovers,


yinkuslolo said...

Monkeli! ha,u be correct yoruba babe

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

Oh..Mummy Chinese eyes..This is why we luff u! lol!

Anonymous said...

lmao..I just understood the "Monkeli" but Usher is surely a correct guy oh, talk about double portion!!

temmy tayo said...

My love, I cried for Monkeli like crying was going out of fashion. Come to think of it, I thot about that Usher's runs but u no say na only him be afro american dem sabi no to run from dead body. MC was acting diva all thru, no blame her.

I think JH no wan born pickin wey go be like MJ. Really on a serious note, I am gonna miss hearing about MJ's stunts sha.

aloted said...

lol..u r so right ...Monkeli Jasin!

he will be missed!

Darlyn said...

na who wan see dead persin ?
lol I’m so sure anyone who sees me will wonder what’s cracking me up so bad- I just imagined Micheal actually getting up from that casket. Mehn I’m so sure Mariah Carey will miss so fast you’ll need a video coverage to confirm she was actually there in the first place but then again if na u nko u go wait?

Tinu said...

to me monkeli is mukalia ajasan!!!hehehe
i still cant believe he's gone tho!

Miss Natural said...

hilarious monkeli...aww dont be sad hahahaha. I loved the part about Usher channeling his inner elijah :)

downtheaisle said...

who go stay see dead bodi, omo na to fly away if anything like dat happen.

joicee said...

A double portion of michael´s anoiting indeed.

Anonymous said...

madam, pls update now
after waittng all these months for u to come bk u come dey keep me in suspense.
e no good o, meanwhile say hello to lilbims

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usher is just a correct actor jare!!!! did u see how when he touched d actor, he come begin look like say e wan cry, like say d thing pain am no b small lol