Abeg allow me

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Being a wife and a mother is work! Hard work.
Why do babies just cry? As in, I have checked everything possible, and minibim is just wailing.
While minibim is here displaying her own, Chinese eyes is squeezing his eye and twisting. Na only me o!
Wetin do baba minibim?
It all started with the custard.
So, he gets back from work today and eats rice for lunch- dat one is a normal sometin...

C.E can eat rice twenty four hours a day.
Anyhoo, a few hours after dinner time, my hubby has not yet asked for his food. I'm surprised, so , naturally, I enquire...
" C.E, are you not hungry- there is rice o!?"
C.E squeezes face and grunts.
"what's wrong dear?" I am concerned o, as C.E does not joke with food.
Ehn, na u sabi, it runs in d family. Minibim too! She can eeeeeeeeeeaaaat!
So, I ask what's wrong, and he says nothing, but that his tummy was a bit funny, and as such, I should make him something light to eat.
After rummaging through my kitchen, I settle for custard.
"there's custard o" I scream from the kitchen. " will you eat that one?"
" i don't mind" he manages to croak back, " je k'o ki gaan o!" he adds. ( make it thick)
And so, I began to make the custardi o.
At first, the custard was slightly thick, but I remembered that C.E wanted it ki, so i ki'ed it up well well. By the time I had finished the custard, I had to bang the pot on the back so that the custard will fall into the plate. The tin resemble eba.
But, hey, the Mr of the house had requested it so. And Chinese eyes is particular about his food. If i dont obey, he will complain for the rest of the week.
I serve the food gleefully and turn my attention to minibim, who is protesting because i am trying to pack the small hair at the back of her head. Yes o!, sisi ologe is a must if u are bimbylads daughter!
Anyway, a few minutes later, i don't hear custard being swallowed by my husband. I look up from the hair i was doing and lo and behold, my hubby was in the kitchen, doing something behind the fridge .
"se ko si o?" I call out to him. ( hope nothing?)
"C.E, what are you doing in the kitchen?" i call again
A few seconds pass and he emerges, holding his custard bowl. " the milk has finished o" he says.
" A whole carton of milk? Bawo lo se finish?" ( how did it finish?)
"Inside the custard" he replies dryly, eyeing me.
"waya ". He hisses," I ask you to make it ki, and you make me this! If I throw dis tin at your head, it will pieces it" .
"but you asked me to make it that way now?"
"eh, if I did nko? I have emptied one litre of milk inside and its still thick, and now its cold..." he grumbles. I smile at myself then. Men can never be satisfied, can they?
At the same time, I hear him mumbling ..." I can even use the yeye custard as my combat weapon when next I'm playing PS3"... Lol!! Oga o!
But upon further investigation, I discover that its the bowl of unripe tangerines he ate for breakfast that is turning his tummy.
Who eats a whole bowl of unripe tangerines for breakfast??
When I ask him why, he said because he wanted vitamin c!!
Vitamin c ke??
He's frequenting the toilet as we speak.
His face is still squeezed.
Minibim has changed gears in her crying. Didn't I just give her breast?
You people should allow me o...

p.s: thanks for the sea of congratulations I have recieved re minibim, ope ni f'oluwa!


~Butterfly~ said...

LMAO!!! ROLMAO!!! unripe tangerines?! lool, please buy him a bottle of those orange flavoured vitamin c tablets, probem solved! lol but pele oh, you really do have your hands full

chayoma said...

This na my first time here oh! and it seems like i am First! lol
naa your man na wahala oh! But na love naa...
Humans in general can never be content! this the way of the world. atleast him go to kitchem fix the custard himself...

Dee Brighton said...

lol!! @ combat weapon! aww.. congratulations on your baby again. must be great having a mini you :)

Danny BaGucci said...

LOL.. Hllarious........ Thanks for sharing....

YankeeNaija said...

Lmao. Seriously hilarious. You are a riot. Just imagining the goings on of your home and thinking that everyday with you is an adventure. Congrats Bim.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

@butterfly: lol! we kuku have the orange flavoured ones o, but my hbby licks that one like sweet, every 15 mins or so!
@ chayoma: thanks for stopping by!, one peppersoup & bournvita coming ur way!
@dee brighton: sure is! thanks for stopping by
@Danny: cheers!
@yankee naija: hello luvie! how's u?

Miss Natural said...

That was hilarious!!! eya, a plaque in my mum's kitchen says, 'just when a mother thinks her work is done, she becomes a grandmum' lol...Hope your husband is feeling better, unripe tangerines for vit c lmaoooo. at least he's tryna be healthy even though that's not the right way lol.

temmy tayo said...

Laughing my head off here hun. Welcome to the club of attention seeking duo.

You know what, I seriously need an answer to why babies cry too. Ko ye mi jare.

Please tell CE sorry for me. You con dey take am do yeye.lol

How is u 3 jare?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations o bimbyladds, didnt know there was a minibim, tooo kewt, im going to haunt ur fb page now, i have to catch a glimpse of minibim o, great post as alwayssss...congrats again :-)

Funms-the rebirth said...

this just brightened my day/....... very funny! custard as weapon...good one...

Anonymous said...

finally.....i don dey wonder. congrats dear. i figured that was why u vanished.

LG said...

lolllll babes u fall my hand o, na small *kinkili custard u change to *eba, maka why???????? :-)

LG said...

as per minibim......i wanna c the sisiloge hair

Anonymous said...

OMG..are you serious you are back??..yayyy I read your blog one time I was really bored and died of laughter..

Heniwaiz nawa for that custard oh, I can only imagine..lol. Congrats on Minibim though.

Anonymous said...

The multi-tasking nature of the 'woman'.

juiceegal said...

Unripe tangerines ke??
congrats o bimbylads......sum1 ws even moanin bout al d gud bloggers disappearin some weeks back and ur name was mentioned......this is my first time here sha.....cn see y dey missed u...gud 2 have u back and hope ur enjoyin motherhood??

The experiences of an achiever....... said...

Ah..no more bimbylads for u o! na Mummybim!! congrats girl, it's refreshing to have u back..hugs!!about that baby weight..make u try Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs and the works, u and minibim fit do am together..lol!

Folake said...

Bimby is back! Halleluyaah!!!

BSNC said...

You are really back. welcome back ooo. I need to go to church for thanksgiving..
Congrats on the little one aka minibim.
lol Well he needs his vitamins now.

lol kpele motherhood is not an easy someething. welcome back again..

tps360 said...

Hilarious,funny and interesting."At first, the custard was slightly thick, but I remembered that C.E wanted it ki, so i ki'ed it up well well" I looked up "ki'ed" and couldnt find it in the dictionary..lol

darkelcee said...

ROFL..........how can u ki'ed the custard? kai

can u put up a picture of minibim?