The Long Kiss....goodbye

Last Week on BBs: Finally, the sun seemed to shine after the rain for Eniola as she went on a date with Myles Browne- the hot Engineer she'd bumped into. However, a lot is beneath the surface that Eniola may not see.. READ ON.....

...........Sade could not believe she'd been seeing Wale for three months. Three beautiful months of her life- her happiest months since she’d set foot on the English soil. As she stepped into her jeans, she had mixed feelings. She had managed to send a considerable sum of money to her brother, and her plans were going well. Another 2 months and she would be free… but did she want freedom? She knew she didn’t really want to. As much as Bode assaulted her, she wanted to stay on so she could be near Wale. She powdered her nose and wore her hoop earings. A part of her wanted to be excited, but the other part of her reminded her that tonight had a main purpose--to let go of Wale and her fantasies. She had managed to convince Bode that she had a group seminar at the college this evening. To her surprise, Sangeya had chipped in for her, and Bode had agreed, giving her the condition that she ensured she was ready to be picked up by 8pm on the dot. Mickey had been instructed to park at the College and wait for Sade for the entire duration.

As she stepped out of her room, Sangeya was standing in the hall way, eyeing her and rubbing her now heavily pregnant tummy.

‘Why you go school- always?” She asked. Sade smiled. “Sangeya, school is the only way for you to secure your future”.

“I want money, so I no need school” she turned her back on Sade, which was amusing.
“I hope you won’t need school Sangeya” Sade grabbed her text books and ran into the waiting car.

Once they arrived at the college, Sade thanked Mickey and handed him a £50 note. Please drive away for a beer… please… she willed him to obey her thoughts with all her might. Mickey looked surprised as he collected the note. “What’s this for Madame?” He asked

“It’s a Friday, you don’t really have to sit here and wait for 2 hours till 8pm, why don’t you go for a ride and come back when I am done?”

Mickey could not hide his pleasure, even though he tried to. “Why, thank you Mrs Williams, I shall be at the Lion pub, 10 minutes away from here, if you need me, that is?”

Sade piled her books into her hands and slammed the car door shut. “Enjoy your evening and see you at 8pm”.

She watched him speed off as she dumped the books into her big black Marni hand bag; which she slung across her shoulder and walked quickly to the office. Once in the comfort of the ladies bathroom, Sade took off her jeans and revealed the lovely dress that was tucked in. She quickly pulled off her earrings and placed her diamond studs where the hoops had been; then hurriedly kicked off her trainers and replaced them with her Renè Caovilla stilettos. When she was done, she walked back to her desk and sent an email. She could not wait to be with Wale once again- even if it was for the last time.


Wale sat in his office as he made finishing touches to a proposal he had to submit to his CEO before Monday. He glanced at his wall clock. It was 6.15pm. Where was Sade? She had said she needed to go home to change first, although Wale did not see anything wrong with what she had worn earlier on in the day. He still could not believe that she had agreed to go on a date with him. He had not wanted to ask her at first; for fear that she would get angry and lash at him for trying to lure her to adultery. But he had and to his surprise, she had shyly said yes, she would come to dinner with him. He stood up from his desk and walked to the window. He could not believe that 3 months had passed since they first set eyes on each other- and for three months, he had met her every single day for lunch; and he had not thought of any other woman. He stared at the bustling city below and sighed. The London skyline was beautiful. What was he getting himself into? They never spoke about it, but Wale knew that they were dating. He took a deep breath and frowned. Did he not say he was going to put a stop to it? Why then was he taking her on another date- not at lunch hour but a proper dinner? She was married! He wondered why she was not stopping him. What was she hiding? Wale did not understand why Sade was elusive. She refused to talk about her marriage, or her personal life. He knew she had a best friend called Eniola- she often talked about her and had complained once that she had been unable to reach her for a while. At first he'd wondered if it could be the same Eniola he shared a flat with but had dismissed the idea for there was no way Sade and Eniola would be that close and he wouldn't know-. He would have seen Sade at the flat at least once......

His email alerted him and he walked back to his desk. Sade was back in the office and ready to go. He grabbed his jacket and logged off his P.C before walking downstairs to meet her.


Wale had chosen a lovely restaurant near the office. Sade had insisted on a small and not so conspicuous place. He felt somewhat under dressed as he studied Sade’s stunning midnight blue dress and shoes. She carried a big black bag that seemed a bit heavy and out of place,but she refused when he offered to assist.

They ordered their meal and began to chat at once. They had never run out of things to talk about since they’d started having lunch together.

Tonight though, Sade looked different. Her beauty seemed to be on a different level. Perhaps it was the subtle make up she wore, or the tiny diamond studs in her ears. “You look sensational”. He did not like commenting on people more than once during a date, but Sade broke all barriers. He had commented on her four times already. She smiled demurely.

“How is married life?” he asked for the hundredth time since they’d had their first lunch. He was expecting her to say her usual “fine, thank you” before quickly changing the subject. But she took him by surprise. “I dont love my husband" she began, slowly playing with her her straw as she continued "...even if I did, he's destroyed the little I felt for him by bringing in a new wife… she is 18”.

Wale did not know how to reply to that. He twisted the edge of his napkin instead. The food arrived. “She is from Zimbabwe and she is pregnant” Sade continued. Wale looked into her glass cup to ensure that there was no alcohol in it. It was pineapple juice. Sade saw his look and laughed dryly. “ I am not drunk Wale, I just need to talk- will you listen?” Wale did not reply. He knew that Sade would take his silence as a yes. Sade looked at Wale and picked at her food. “I need to talk” she repeated herself. He reached across the table and held her hand. “Sade, we all have our burdens, if you want to share yours with me........."


Sade bent her head as she began to tell Wale about her marriage. She did not realise how much burden she had been carrying until this day. She gradually unravelled her history right from when she met Bode at 19 through to how she had applied for a job at Sims & Sims – “so, you see, right now, I am meant to be at a seminar” she included with a sigh. She wanted to be as open as possible with Wale, and did her best. She did not reveal the knowledge she had of Bode’s business. There was no point in sharing that sort of information.

Sade had to stop talking when she realised that Wale was not responding. She was about to ask him why he was silent when she thought she saw his eyes glistening with tears. He looked away quickly and blinked several times. Unsure of what to say, she sipped her drink.

“I’m sorry, Sade- I, oh my goodness- the son of a bitch-- Im sorry----” Wale was apologising to her as he tried to regain composure.

“Ssh… its ok, I am ok” Sade laughed lightly.

“I am so sorry sweetheart, sorry for everything you have been through-”

Sade did not expect an apology from Wale, but she took it in still. “ its ok, its not your fault, you only found me attractive like all men do, but who was to know that I would..." She exhaled loudly. It was hard pouring out her feelings to him.
Wale’s eyes widened as Sade spoke. “Who was to know that you would what Sade?”

Sade tore away from his gaze and Wale felt himself melting. How beautiful could a human being be?
“ that I would fall for-find you attractive ” She wanted to be careful not to say the wrong thing. “listen, I cannot do this Wale, I have been thinking about you everyday… ever since I set eyes on you.... She gulped as she felt the tears well up. "But we can’t be together, we cant, I can’t….” She was now crying and Wale had to get her up to her feet and walk her out of the restaurant. They stood by the side of the restaurant in the dark corner and he held her close.

“ I know, Sade, I know… before I spoke to you, I dreamt of you, when I spoke to you, you haunted me. You have been a part of me, even before I knew it”

Sade loved the feeling of him, his faintly scented cashmere jumper warmed her face. “I guess we can’t see each other anymore, the attraction will go away, I know we can’t be together, and there is no poi-“

Sade was stopped mid sentence. Wale was kissing her forehead. His soft lips made her shiver in pleasure. He kissed her eyes, then her nose, and then, slowly, he kissed her lips, parting them expertly with his tongue. Sade felt herself fall and Wale grabbed her firmly, without removing his lips from hers. It was the most sensual, electrifying kiss she had ever experienced. He broke away and Sade saw that he did have tears in his eyes.

“We can be together Sade; lets fight this together....I don’t think I can live without you, let me in, Let. Me. In. ”

Sade stiffened and shook her head. “Wale, it’s for your own good, I am no good for you; in a matter of months, I will be gone… find someone else… I know you will… but when you do, please don’t hurt her, don’t hurt her like Bode hurt me…..”

Wale wanted to respond but Sade had pulled away from his grip. She was walking fast towards Sims & Sims and he did not follow her. He watched as she disappeared into the night, and for a long time, Wale stood in the dark, shielded from the world, and allowed the tears to flow freely.

As he wept in the silent corner of the pub, away from the laughing crowd, he knew for the first time how much Jenny must have hurt when he had abandoned her. He was sick to his stomach as he realised that he had hurt Jenny just the way Bode had hurt Sade. it had taken this wonderful woman to let him know how much he must have damaged Jenny. It was time to speak to Jenny. It was time to beg her for forgiveness.

Jenny watched Sade break away from Wale's grasp and shook her head in disgust. What a bunch of losers! It did not look good for Wale. Maybe she told him off!! She high fived the air as she got up from the dusty floor surface she had sat on for 2 hours. Dusting her self, Jenny tucked her camera and note book into her rucksack. This was fun! Snap! Snap! Snap! She could go on for ages taking pictures of the two love birds as they dined and kissed. And what a great shot that made! Wale had kissed the woman with so much passion that she had closed her own eyes. And then the bastard had cried. She had seen him bend over with his head in his knees. For pleasure, she took 10 different shots at great angles. He was in love- no doubt- the sorry excuse for a human being. Jenny had followed them all through for the last two months, and she almost felt sorry for Wale. He seemed to have changed so much since he met this woman. Poor Wale! Tut-Tut! Pity, pity… PITY it was this pathetic designer wearing Sade Coker Williams that made him a smarter person. She had monitored Wale all through, expecting him to make a dash at another woman, but No! Wale had been good- the devil had been good!. Jenny laughed hysterically and a couple that were strolling past her quickly increased their pace. “They think I am mad, don’t they?” … “Well, I am not mad! Jenny Jones is not mad!” she hissed back at them, careful not to raise her voice, in the unlikely event that Wale saw her from his distance.

She grabbed some earth and squeezed it through her fingers; enjoying the feeling of dirt mingled with stones in her palms. Now that the woman seemed to have cut him off, her plans had to change slightly. She cursed and spat into the ground. She hated having to change her plans so many times. This damned woman had better stick to this decision. She would not take it lightly if the woman came back into his life. Time was running out. Very soon, that foolish geek at the IT department of Sims & Sims would soon figure out that she did not really need to monitor Wale’s emails for quality control as she had said. Very soon, the whole of Sims & Sims would soon dig into her records and discover that she was on medication; that she had forged the medical report that certified her fit to work. That she was not adopted into a Nigerian family and worse of all, that she was married to the bastard she had come to destroy. Soon, they would all know that she was a woman on a mission. Time was running out. She started to walk away from the restaurant, slowly at first,then stealthily broke into a run behind Sade; taking care to pace herself- for she could not afford to make mistakes.


Sade ran blindly through the park, towards the college. It was 8.13pm. Mickey would be waiting for her. She wiped her tears and slowed down to kick off her shoes and throw them into her bag. With no time to wear her jeans, she expertly wrapped her jacket around her firmly and walked through the open gates of the college, waving at a uniformed security guard who was nodding off in sleep. He looked suprised to find a student at the college so late especially as there were no scheduled actvities. Sade walked up to the main entrance, counted to 10 and walked back towards the car park. She fervently hoped that Mickey would not notice her lateness or her lack of bottoms.

Once Sade was in the car, she was relieved that Mickey was ignorant of the time or her appearance. He had been arguing with someone on his mobile phone and had paid no attention .

She would wear her jeans once she got to the house. She hoped the hallway would be clear of Ma. Bode would not be home. Sangeya should be asleep by now. She jumped out of the car and tip toed into the hallway. It was empty, and dark.

Sade stole into the first bathroom in the hall way and wore her jeans, hurriedly tucking the dress into them. She washed her face off any signs of the tears she’d just shed and pushed the bathroom door open quietly; ready to run upstairs to her room for a good cry.

Sangeya was standing right outside the door of the bathroom.

Her shock could not be disguised as her eyes locked into Sangeya’s- the lights were switched on and Sade’s diamond studs sparkled harmoniously with the chandelier.

“You no go school” she whispered, nodding her tiny head like a child who had just discovered the truth about Santa Clause. “You lie to Bode”

“Hi Sangeya” Sade made an attempt to sound chirpy. “I am really tired, can I, can we--” she tried to push past Sangeya, but Sangeya thrust her tummy in front, making it difficult for Sade to move.

“The earring, not the same like before” she paused and cocked her head to an angle. “The top-is not top, is dress….” Her hands flew to her mouth. “…Is dress! You go party!”

Sade looked down and grunted. Her dress was not well tucked into her jeans. The sides were bulging and some parts of the dress were hanging loosely on the side of the jeans.

She looked up at Sangeya. The girl was tugging at her black bag.

“Sangeya, will you please stop it” Sade had to whisper for fear of waking Ma up.

Sangeya laughed. “So, you no foolish! You beautiful, you smart- you---!” she let go of Sade’s bag and continued “ ha! Me too want party! Take me… take me!”

Sade groaned loudly. What did Bode see in this child? “Sangeya, I did not go to a party, I went to school” her voice was shaking and she struggled to control herself.

“you meet man?” Sangeya was grinning from ear to ear and Sade was beginning to wonder if she was mentally all right. " big eye- you cry? Sade, you cry today because of man?”… She pointed at Sade’s eyes, which were devoid of makeup, but slightly swollen.

Sade had to stop this madness. Sangeya was hitting dangerously close to home. “Sangeya, I need to go to my room” she pushed past Sangeya successfully and began to run up the stairs.

As she ran, her hand bag fell open and the contents flew out, cascading down the stairs. Sade stopped in her tracks and turned back.

Sangeya had picked up and was now holding the pair of her Renè Caovilla shoes and nodding decisively.

“This shoe is cost- You go somewhere- no school” she held the shoes up and Sade sighed. Sangeya was suddenly looking upset“ You lie for Bode, I not stupid” She hissed.

Sade trudged back downstairs,snatched her shoes from Sangeya and walked back to her room without uttering another word.

It had been the worst day of her life. She had said goodbye to Wale, and now Sangeya knew that she had lied about her whereabouts. Sade shut the door to her room and sank to the floor. She began to cry with the little strength she had left in her. She did not know what would become of this night. She was sure that Bode would beat her black and blue when Sangeya told him the truth, but she was prepared. The pain of being hit was much better than the pain of saying good bye to Wale, a man she had now fallen in love with...........


At home a few hours later, Jenny poured herself a glass of wine. She was still in high spirits. The tiny wall in her room had no allowance for any more pictures. Still, she would not be deterred. She tore off a few of Wale's old pictures and stuck on the new ones she'd just acquired. Stepping back to admire the work, she nodded in satisfaction. She was proud of her self. Her wall held over 400 pictures of Wale, and now she had the most recent picture of him in tears. She picked up a picture of Sade and stabbed it with a pen. She could still not get the fact that Sade had kicked off her shoes and had stopped to wear a pair of trainers instead. She'd watched in disbelief when Sade ran past Sims & Sims into a privately run language college. Spending less than 2 seconds in there, Sade had emerged and had entered a chauffeur driven car, which Jenny was sure had not been at the restaurant. Why did Sade go into a college first? She gulped her wine and focused. Suddenly Jenny exclaimed as she put the pieces together and began to clap loudly. Sade deserved an applause. The bitch! She was a smart ass wasn't she? even Jenny was humbled at Sade's meticulous planning. She looked at her notes and grinned. Sade may be smart, but she was the brilliant one. Thankfully, She had caught the number plates just in time. She couldn't wait to find out the address to which the car was registered to. She hoped that Wale and Sade would play into her hands one more time; she needed them to. She emptied her wine bottle and burped. Who was the genuius that'd said revenge was sweet? She would love to take him to dinner. Revenge was the sweetest thing ever. It was what she lived for.


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