Innocent until.....?!

Oga o. I have to send a truck load of apologies to all the people that have been coming to this page, looking for gist. No vex, I have been very busy trying to understand the concept of motherhood. But, una too dey like gist... shio!!

But what have I been up to?
Firstly, I dont seem to be loosing the weight o!! I am still breasfeeding so I tend to eat and eat and eat.. ok make I no lie, I use breastfeeding as an excuse. When I cook for my hubby, trust bimby's own to be more than his own. When he asks me why I am eating this much, I squeeze my face and say " but, I am eating for two noooow". God help me o. This one that I wear a size 12 now. Oh please dont tell me that size 12 is not large.
now I am a size 6 x 2= 12.

Secondly, I have suddenly become interested in Naija news and the recent HE EF CEE CEE ( EFCC) story that hit the headlines. Like seriously... opps BE RIGHT BACK! minibim is trying to climb something!!

OK, order restored, where were we?... Ehen, I was saying that I have been following Naija news abi? YES o.

Firstly Bimbylads is NOT here to comment on the allegations made against those execs because I dont really understand the full story, but I have to say that I am shocked and appalled that those suspected were not given the opportunity to be 'questioned in a civil manner', for I heard they were hounded and publicly harrassed!.

What happened to the phrase..' Innocent until proven guilty?'

I am very Okay O... Its just the way Niaja police/ criminal agencies sometimes over arrest people and presume them guilty before allowing them the privilege of a free and fair hearing.

Reminds me of what happened a very long time ago to my darling hubby in the City of Ibadan.......


Mama Chinese eyes ( C.E) had always warned her child (C.E) against going to eat in buka's. After all, he was a well fed young man that lacked nothing. but, he never listened. So sweet was the food from the " food is ready" joint down the road, that he would often sneak off to buy a plate of white rice and elepo stew ( palm oil stew) when his mother was not looking.

As usual, one day, C. E and a friend, B decided to pay a visit to Mama Food is ready.

C.E ordered a ravishing bowl of twenty naira white rice, ten naira kpomo and a sachet of cold, pure water. B ordered a hot roll of pounded yam and ewedu with assorted meat.

They found a nice spot, well hidden from the glare of the sun, and indeed from the searching eyes of C.E's mother.

The food arrived, and a salivating C.E began to wolf down his rice at record speed. As he chewed the delicious food, he rejoiced in his spirit. Mama Food is Ready's rice never failed to disappoint.

As a LONG STANDING tradition, C.E always leaves his meat till he's cleared his plate. And so that day, he saved the pkomo for that last glorious moment.

When the time came,with hands shaking in anticipation, he lifted the kpomo up in the air, drove the fork into his waiting mouth and closed his eyes in sheer bliss.....BUT, as he was about to sink his teeth into the succulent juicy meat ,he heard the following words, bellowed with such great authority that his teeth froze on the kpomo and his eye lids flew open.


My husband holds still for a second or two, not daring to blink. In front of him, stood the most menacing looking, stick thin police man he'd ever seen. His ashen grey uniform was starched solid, and his cap rested with pride on the corner of his head. His bloodshot eyes were hard and hungry.

' I say, HANZ HUP before ah blow ya face' repeated the police officer.

B obeys without question. One solemn look at his kpomo, and C.E unwillingly spits the meat out before raising his hands slowly, trying to comprehend what was happening. Because of twenty naira rice..If only I had... he thinks; but the police man's ice cold glare halts his thoughts.

'Oya, rand all of them hup, wan by wan.. ma j'kan sa'lo o!' screams another officer to his collegue.
( trans: round them up and don't let them escape)

Like a set robots on overcharged Duracell batteries, the police men began to handcuff everyone in the restaurant, including MAMA Food is ready.

They were hauled like sacks of potatoes into a waiting police van, about ten of them in all, including C.E and his friend, B.

Hunched in a dusty, dirty van against sweaty bodies , they all began to protest.

'O.C, wetin we do now?' yells one person.

'O.C, oga, wait, make we talk first now' pleads another.

Another guy ( I assume he was feeling like a lawyer..lol), reaches out and touches the police man that was holding his trousers and says in a businesslike tone:

'Mr Policeman, we can settle this amicably, can't we?'

To which the police man EYES HIM with malice, spreads his free hand and replies :

'Do I nose you or do you nose me?'

(Do I know you or do you know me)

At this point, C.E fully realises that he has mis-eaten buka rice.

The police men were dead serious people that did not care about your English. These were not civil people. They were soldiers on a mission. They arrived at the police station a few minutes later and where thrown to a cell, all ten of them in a room soo small you could spread both arms out and touch the opposite ends of the walls. All this while, no one knew why they were in jail!

Eventually, C.E's father arrives later to bail his child out. Upon further investigation, It turned out it was a case of mistaken identity. Some trouble makers had visited the buka earlier , but unfortunately, the police men arrived after the trouble makers HAD left.In their lack of accuracy of information and preparation of facts, they arrested the wrong people.

What I am trying to drive home is the need for everyone to be given a right to be questioned in a 'civil' manner before being thrown in jail or detained...

Or am I just being over Londonised?



Fluffycutething said...

LOL you definetely are being "Londonised"

A friend of mine had a similar experience just this Friday... she was lucky though at least she didn't end up in thier van or a cell!!!

chayoma said...


The experiences of an achiever....... said...

@ Mummy Chinese..at all o! it is called being CIVILIZED.God help our country o! Ehen..go and buy Shaun T o!!!

Naijadude said...

Well sh*t happens.. I was arrested on a mistaken identity once as well in Toronto... too bad CE's experience ended like that!

temmy tayo said...

You won't kill me.

blackspanx said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations on your baby.

exschoolnerd said...

wait lemme laff first...


God save Chinese eyes o!

joicee said...

hanz up lol...very funny

Naija police sha

innuda said...

You are hilarious and have a way with words,i actually "saw" myself in your story...




How una dey?

Tinu said...

ahn ahn Bimbylads hope eveftin is going ok o!!!!!

temmy tayo said...

My friend update jare.....