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LAST WEEK on BBs: Ma bid farewell to Sade after Mickey forced her to leave the household, upon her discovery that Sangeya was murdered. Eniola throws a tantrum when Wale tells her of his love for Sade....

Her mind was in turmoil as she sat at her desk and typed her resignation letter. This was finallycoming to an end. Sims & Sims; the small company that had brought her and Wale together in a mighty way. She smiled wistfully as she edited the letter. It was the hardest thing to do. She hadn’t expected it to be this difficult.

Wale had begged her not to leave, but of what purpose was it to anyone? She had floated on the back of chance by coming to this place everyday for many months; and if she wasn’t careful, chance could turn away from her and land her in big trouble. Now was the time. She wondered if Sims & Sims was a blessing or a curse. Since she’d started here, she had lost touch with Eniola and fallen in love with Wale. Sangeya had died, and Ma had disappeared. To worsen matters, her period was late. She slumped in her chair and stared blankly at the screen. Was this life? Where had she gone wrong? If she was pregnant, it was undoubtedly Wale’s baby. Bode had not touched her since…. she didnt want to remember.

Could she be pregnant? She shook her head clear. She would worry about that later. She was probably just stressed. She was on the pill…. The pill worked for four years, nothing would change that now… not even the tenderness of Wale’s lovemaking. Another sad smile crept to her face only to quickly disappear when her thoughts went back to Ma. Where was Ma? Bode had shrugged indifferently when she’d asked him. Talking to Mickey was like talking to a brick wall. He only grunted in response to any of her questions. Ma’s room was the same, her bed lay ruffled, her clothes in the same place. A scented candle had burned out – which was very surprising, as Ma never left a candle burning. She was ever so careful. Sade was worried, but she could not go to the police. She did not need to arouse suspicions at this delicate time of her life. If she went to the police, Ma’s disappearance would be investigated, and her own private life would be exposed…. Then Bode would find out. She knew Ma was okay. She felt it in her bones. She glanced at the folder on her desk which contained a passport and a plane ticket. She pulled it closer and fingered the passport, eyeing her picture that was displayed on the first page. She looked darker and younger, but it was fine. Her eyes trailed down slowly and rested on the name of the passport holder. She stared at the name for a few seconds; before mouthing it for the first time with confidence- Miss Oyinkan Edrems. She owed her brother her life. He had risked almost everything to assist her with her plans. And, even though she was a step away from freedom, she was scared. Anything could go wrong from now on. The last part of her plan needed to work for her to be free. She hoped her brother would not back out now- if he did, they were all finished. Her whole family may be wiped out. She closed her eyes tightly and gulped. She needed to be strong now. Be positive Sade.

An email came through from Wale; he wanted to meet her for lunch to discuss something urgent. A warm feeling flooded through her veins. Wale always had a way of making things better; although he had been very thoughtful since that day at the hotel. She replied quickly, naming a nearby café.

She concentrated on framing her reasons for resigning. Her desk phone suddenly rang and she jumped. It was probably Wale calling to check up on her. She picked up and breezily said hello. It was not Wale. Instead, a distinctive voice announced that there was a Mrs Green in reception. Sade chilled as she tried to think. She did not know any Mrs Green. Who was it? Sade grabbed her folder and slid it into her desk, locking it tightly. She logged off her PC and jumped into the lift, clutching her handbag close to her chest. What if it was Bode's secretary? or Ma? Or the college? Her heart was thumping as the lift bumped to a halt on the ground floor and slid open.

Sade stepped out of the lift and scanned the reception area. Her jaw dropped open when she saw who it was. Eniola was sat cross-legged in the visitors chair and reading a fashion magazine. Her natural hair was tied back with a massive band. Sade started to run towards her best friend, her hands out stretched. Eniola looked up then and broke into a smile, as she received Sade in her hands.

‘Fluffy…..’ Eniola shrieked as she muzzled into Sade’s hair and she teased her best friend in the nick name she gave her. A few people turned to look at them in irritation.

‘Ennatural- allergic to relaxers!’ replied Sade, playfully patting Eniola’s afro bun.

They broke away from each other and exchanged a tender look.‘This is where you have been hiding fluffy?’ Eniola asked as she looked around the reception.

‘You vex me- I should not even be speaking to you’ Eniola added, her eyes still locked into Sade’s. Eniola had a facial expression that displayed a mixture of anger and love. Sade understood.

She owed Eniola an explanation.Sade grabbed her friends’ hands and pushed her out of the building. ‘Eniola, I know... I can’t even begin to ask you how you knew where I worked…….but, let’s grab a coffee and talk somewhere safe’.

Eniola nodded. Sade smiled at her friend, who had lost considerable weight since they last saw each other. ' why Mrs Green?'

' didnt want to use my real name--there is so much going on Sade, lets just get to the coffee shop and talk' Eniola replied hastily and Sade nodded, although she had no idea of what Eniola was talking about, she didnt even want to think about it. All she wanted was to hold her friend and tell her how much she missed her and appreciated her presence today.

Eniola laughed suddenly and Sade joined her. it felt good to be together. They skipped happily to a near by café and ordered two caramel lattes, a long time favourite of both women. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx

Jenny admired her self in the bathroom for the last time and smiled. She felt and knew she looked sensational. Her leather brief case held all she needed to close this business deal. She walked back to the reception and waited to be called. The man had flavour. The office was small; but tastefully furnished. Exquisite paintings decorated the walls; colourful dried flowers arranged with expertise directly under each one. A lover of art? Possibly. She nodded with approval at the African receptionist, who smiled warmly in return. She was soon ushered to an equally small meeting room and made to wait.

Her host was coming. She was giddy with excitement. what was it about a patient dog again? did he get the fattest bone or the thickest? whatever... She had been a patient dog, and everything had fallen into her hands- fat and thick. Mickey had been great, they’d had a wonderful meal, and she had cleverly teased him to frustration after dinner. She had promised to go the whole way with him, once he led her to the man himself. It had been impossible to meet the man in his house; so the office was the next best alternative. This had better go as planned; her resignation letter was two weeks old on Allison’s table at Sims& Sims.

‘Good afternoon…’ Jenny jumped at the sudden interruption into her thoughts. She turned to face the man that was holding out his hand and smiling warmly. She clutched his hand firmly and smiled sweetly at him.

‘Andrea Ogunbiyi- Sims & Sims’ she replied as she eyed him with interest. He looked nothing like what she’d heard. Although he was insanely handsome, the man in front of her looked like a sweetly shy man.

‘Have a seat Andrea’ he offered, prolonging the ‘rea’ after her name. His voice was calm and soothing to the ears. Where was the boisterous voice that would accompany the almost evil, short fused man that Mickey talked about? She smiled again and he averted his eyes timidly.

‘I am told you have a business proposition’ he finally said when he sat across her. He was making a conscious effort not to look into her eyes, and Jenny was amazed. How shy could a man be? Was she making a right choice? What if he was totally indifferent to what she was here for? It would mean her months of extreme hard work at Sims& Sims; would be down the drain. There was always a back up plan. Concentrate on this one Jenny. Her mind filled with thoughts as she placed her brief case on the table and clicked it open.

‘yes, I believe you may be interested in something I am interested in’ she began at the same time as she pulled out a thick envelope and a number of documents from the case. She paused for effect as his eyes followed the documents in her hand.

‘what are you interested in?’ he asked, somewhat uneasily. Jenny smiled again and her left eye twitched in agreement with her eager self. She handed him one of the documents, and watched intently, desperate to gauge his first reaction.

‘Your marriage certificate?’ he asked, his face totally devoid of emotion. ‘why would I be interested in this Mrs Ogunbiyi?’

Bingo! That was exactly what she wanted him to ask. She blinked several times and the tears began to slide down her face. The man was now looking embarrassed. Jenny was enjoying this. After all this crap was over; she would write to Steven Spielberg for a part in a movie.

She sniffed loudly and the man glanced at the door, totally uncomfortable.

‘Mrs Ogunbiyi, please- tissue’ he pushed a pack of tissues across the table and waited patiently, while she sniffed loudly.

‘ I am not normally like this…. But I can’t take it anymore- she is wrecking my home’ She wailed into the tissue.

‘I’m sorry who?’ the man got up and leaned on his desk. ‘I am sorry, I am going to have to ask you to leave this minu--’ he began, but stopped talking when Jenny pulled out two pictures from the envelope she was holding. He reached out and snatched it away from her.

‘What’s this?’ he asked, looking into her eyes for the first time that afternoon.

Jenny stopped sniffing and ignored his question; rather, she sat comfortably and stared at him, through clear, tearless eyes. She had handed him the best two of all her picture collection. He was looking at the one where Wale and Sade had kissed passionately for the very first time. His facial expression still remained flat. Was he normal? He flipped the picture to the next one.

Jenny perked up. This one, she loved.

It was the one where Wale and Sade held hands in the park one afternoon. Sade had been laughing when Jenny took the picture, and she looked exceptionally beautiful and at peace. Even Jenny thought so and voiced her thoughts.

' she looks beautiful- almost at peace with her self in my husband's arms' Jenny delibrately let the 'at peace' sink in. He needed to know that Sade was happily in love, not guilty or remorseful.
He placed the picture on the table and gazed at her.

‘Who are you, again?’ he asked, tentatively and carefully. Was he angry or sad? Damn! This man was hard to read.

‘Wale Ogunbiyi, the man in the picture’ she began, lingering slightly on the surname. ‘Is my husband- I believe it is self explanatory’ she concluded. He raised his eyebrow. She used the opportunity to lay more pictures on the table: Sade leaving the hotel; Sade walking into Sims & Sims, Wale and Sade having lunch, dinner..... She had more, loads more, but she would show them to him later.

The man walked away from her and looked into a very heavy and expensive mirror that was carefully hung on the wall. He stood in front of the mirror and Jenny watched his expression from his reflection. Was he not going to say anything? Ask anything? Did he not want to plan with her? Was he not going to get angry? The most she had gotten from this man was a look.

This was turning out to be a waste of time.A few minutes passed and Jenny was now highly uncomfortable. He was still staring into the mirror. A few more seconds passed and she grabbed her hand bag. This was not going as she planned.

‘Well’ she cleared her throat loudly. ‘I thought you were going to help me, but I can see that you are not what I ex--’she began and but was stopped mid sentence.

‘Sit the f**k down’ he commanded, without looking back at her. Jenny automatically sat down with a thud. From his mirror reflection, she should see his jaw clenching in anger as blood vessels replaced his eye- whites. His eyes looked like a million bloodied spiders had crawled into them.

'I don’t appreciate being sworn at’ she replied testily.

What happened next would forever be stamped in Jenny’s memory. In less than a minute, Bode Coker Williams spun away from the mirror and walked up to the door. He turned the key in the lock and pocketed it. Then he walked up to her and gripped her neck violently.

‘Why?’ he demanded, his voice still mellow, the image in his eyes; an erupting volcano.‘What?’ she managed to squeak in response. was he going to kill her in his office?

'Why did you do this to me Sade?’ he asked, his rage almost blinding.

‘I am not S-sade’ she managed to gush out; desperately gasping for air as he tightened his grip on her neck. She had totally misjudged his initial reaction. Bode Coker Williams was more than a mad man. He held his grip for a few more agonizing seconds before he finally released it and walked back to the mirror. Jenny immediately started coughing loudly and taking deep precious breaths.

‘Shut the f**k up’ he thundered and she fell silent instantly.

She watched in horror as he swore loudly and punched the mirror twice. The mirror cracked noisily and he swore again. He punched it for the third time. A small piece of the mirror fell to the floor. He picked up the broken glass and returned to his original seat.

‘I never introduced myself’ he began, totally calm again. ‘My name Bode Coker- Williams- CEO of this firm- BCoW Stock Broking Ltd’ He looked into the broken glass and grinned, revealing perfect set teeth.

‘The woman in your picture is Sade- yes, you are right-Sade is my wife’ ‘isn’t she a stunner?’ he asked, placing the glass on the table and cracking his knuckles loudly. He showed no sign of being in pain, despite the glass cuts in his bleeding knuckles.

Jenny was trembling in her seat.

‘So, now that we have formally established some facts…’ he continued, looking slightly amused as she massaged her bruised neck.‘How can I help you at present- or rather’ he corrected, ‘how can we help each other today?’He looked directly at her as he leaned across the table to slowly gather all the pictures closer to him.Jenny stared at him for a few seconds.

She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.

She had waited patiently for the fattest bone. All of a sudden, the bone felt like it was lodged in her throat, blocking her air passage. She looked at the pictures in his hands, and then back at his face. He looked menacing as he watched her expectantly. Bode was totally unpredictable and fearless. He was what she needed and more, but was she prepared for this? Would he be rational when she told him how she needed his help? And if he wasnt, what then?

Jennifer knew that she had met her match. She smiled at the man. There was no going back now. She assumed fresh boldness and started to talk. Either way, she had nothing to loose.

Afterall, she was Jennifer Jones, the owner of the master plan.


see you sometime next week- sorry, i cannot commit to a day because of my laptop-less situation. please enjoy this and be patient with me....a few more chapters to go...i cant wait o.. how d tin go end sef? do u know that although i have written out the end, i am not sure it even makes sense.. egba mi o.. i dont want blogville to hound me for senseless ending o.. lol..

God bless you, have a wonderful weekend and next week ahead. .


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