Im baaaaaaaaccck!!

Yo Yo.. Yooooooooo!! wazzzzzzzzzzuppp... wazzzzzzzzzzzzupp!! anyblogeers in the HOUSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe???

As you can see after 18 Benylin 4flus, 2 Lemsip Maxs , 2 neurophens and plenty plenty ayamase stew.. im back with a bang!! thanks for all of u who dropped flowers at my blogdoor.. e se gaan ni o.. merci bocoup.

I thank God for his healing power on my body soul and spirit. being ill on the bed and coughing all through the night is no joke.. But i thank God that I am alive, well and healthy today.

Do you know that i have no idea of what i am going to blog about today? OKAY, let me be the first to tell u.. law_damsel is @ home too.. having suffered an allergy attack.. we are still investigating what she is reacting to..but if u see someone on the road who looks like puff puff.. its my sepe sepe friend o.... so just in case u were wondering.... shes gonna shoot me when she reads this.. LAWDEEE!!.. i lurve u..!!

My mummsy called me last night..and told me that she was going to print my wedding IV without chuch details.. lol.. she says she will write ' church details not confirmed' on the IV... LOL.... that woman sef... she makes me laff.. I have told her that I will book the church as soon as i get back on my feet....

But on the real o.. she called me like last week and said that she wanted a definite list of those who were interested in aso ebi out of all my friends... and I have NO IDEA.. like.. how will i get that information, anyway, i sha got Law Damsel to send an email out to long lost and recently found friends.. so far only 4 out of like 50 have replied her email.. ..

and as i have no stress..4 aso ebis it will be- i called mumsy and told her that only 4 people are interested.... she first of all went quiet. .. then she proceeded to count another 10 people for me ( people i dont even talk to o or even know that well sef)
'bisola nko? omo aunty shade?' 'omo Dr Sholegbun nko?' ' sister bose nko?' abi oo fe ki won wo aso ni?... ....' aina nko? aina ma gba VISA o'
..... if aina collect visa wetin consign me? ehn?

im like.. aso ebi.. ASO EBI means CLOTHES of FAMILY.. innit? so wats with the masses.. but hey. if it will make my wedding full of colours.. why not?

to be honest.. Aso ebi is just LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG... o loong meeen...but if ur reading this and u paraadventure happen to know me, and i did not send u the aso ebi email, and u want aso ebi.. abeg, drop me a line o.. me i wont remember o..

So someone said that all bloggers ( london bloggers ) should meet somewhere... i think thats a good idea.. but my worry is.. some people prefer to remain anonymous.. so im suggesting that if we do decide to meet, can we use an ALIAS..( if u want, and withold ur blogging name).. ??

Chineze eyes upset me soo much last week.. he called me a SERIAL.. i asked him what a serial meant.. he said, 'bimby, ur a serial caller, serial texter, serial everything..'.. i have decided to make myself unserial.. i will not text him again for the next 5 weeks..

AOL.. AOL.. is there anybody in the house that likes AOL.. because I am going to INDIA next week to DEAL with them... I ll tell u that story later..

to be honest.. i still need to rest a bit.. I need all my strenght for this weekend as it is:
1) someone's wedding ( i dont know them, but hey do i have to know them?)
2) Tolu's Bridal Shower
3) My aunty's 60th birthday
4) Law damsels cousins wedding that is STRICTLY BY IV THAT ADMITS ONLY LAW DAMSEL.. lets see how they will detach me from her when we get there

so i have these 4 outings that I MUST attend.. i will spend 2hours each at each venue and pack takeaway with me.. hopefully the food should last me till the next event..

on that note... I depart..

Stay blessed and remain in God's love..



londonnaijachic said...


LondonBuki said...


LondonBuki said...

Ok, your Mummy is HILARIOUS!!! Church details yet to be confirmed??? LOL!!!!!

BimbyLads, be serious o! Don't stress your Mama! Silly Gal!

I think all those drugs mighta made you a Li'l(Little) high! How can you say LawDamsel looks like Puff Puff?

Good to have you baaack!

Have you SHECKED out Blogger Bachelor on Uzo's blog?

londonnaijachic said...

Am glad you are strong now!What is wrong with you ehn?Book church now abi you want to have a garden wedding?On a more serious note do something miss as soon as you can.Seems like you got a fun weekend ahead.Enjoy!

About london bloggers meeting up, it is a good idea which am up for and willing to organise if we get a lot of response.We are quite a lot so should be fun.

londonnaijachic said...

@ london buki,lol! i need to carry out some bussiness on your blog i haven't forgotten.

bimbylads said...

thanks o.. im back.. LB and LNC my fav bloggers ( dont let Simply hear u o- anyway she is still sleep..

LNC.. oya arrange the get together o..

i have sheked put the blogger bachelor but i didnt read it...ill got back now..

Law damsel is reall swollen o.. she will tell u herself..

londonnaijachic said...

@ bimbylads, am sure we can do this together or anyone else who has got an input is welcome. Here are my ideas
We could all meet up centrally so everyone can find it easy getting there.There is this great restaurant in leicester square that i swear by.We can all have dinner there and then hangout afterwards.You are never short of things to do in central london


we could meet up in greenwich were there is the great cocktail bar and restaurant and greenwich is a happening place when it comes to bar and restaurants.

It should either be the last saturday in march or the first saturday in april

If we havent got up to 5 bloggers interested and willing to participate, then its a no show.

Any more ideas will be welcome by just sending a mail to me.Am gonna put this ideas on my blog too.

bimbylads said...

oya oya,.. quick quick.. im interested....count me in!!

anyone o.. leciester square.. greenwich.. anyone.. but i think greenwich is nice and cosy.. and i heard that one chinese restaurant there does the BEST lobsters.. im excited all ready!!

Simply Gorgeous said...

lB- I have warned you and you have the audacity- no wait the effrontery to be first. No waitmaybe my eyes deceive- now ait you are still here. Serious wahala dey. Please make I no see you first on this site again-- I have finished.

@Bimbylads- who is asleep! you are very wicked. Let me go get rope so I can tie the Three Musketeers together and leave you in the evil forest.

How now? I am not speaking to you anymore. you will miss me when my face is absent from this your blog.

Oh- if you are planning to go to these functions I advise you to take Pepto Bismol.

Simply Gorgeous has left the building....

Waffarian said...

I am soooooooo jealous! you guys are meeting up! kai! anyway, make una come back give the rest of us better gist, abeg!

LondonBuki said...

LondonNaijaChic - Your blog's only open to invited readers...

bimbylads said...

simply oooooooooo.. my simplyyyyyy o.. olo mi.. my swerrie.. oya come back into the building .. come bacccckk.. im dowwwwwwwwwwwnnn on benndedddddddd kneesssssssssssss...

bimbylads said...

what has LNC done to her blog o.. egba wa o!

Dimples said...

Thank God u are felling better…but really egbon was that not some serious case of OD to get back to life..jo o ma rora.
Haba u havn’t booked church yet??..my collegue that’s getting married June 08 booked her church and hall last weekend…sister get a freaking move on…as LNC suggested maybe it’s in Greenwich amusement park that u want us all to sit down.
Please don’t frustrate your poor mother anymore o!!..unless u would soon have me to deal with.

LOL..on the serial thing…ko sha kparo!!

4 people ke for aso-ebi???How is that physically possible??Ok I feel privileged being among the 4…mwah!!!

Men I feel u on the party pack move…very handy during the week..after work when one can’t be asked to cook.

Dimples said...

Infact sef are commenters like moi!!!...invited to this your planned waka waka in the city of London???

londonnaijachic said...

LB and bimby, Are you serious?Check in 5 minutes.

londonnaijachic said...

@ dimples, you are welcome too.Check my blog for details

bimbylads said...

dimples taink u for buying aso ebi ma luv.. for ur wedding i will buy 3 aso ebi.. one for morning afternoon and night..
the church thing.. im getting there..
of course eyin commenters are invited.. life is not the same without u...

@LNC.. yes.. ive checked..!! ur okay now

Calabar Gal said...

Shebi I am ur friend too? Haba? I have not received my email yet and yes I am interested in the Aso Ebi so you can tell ur mum its now 5 friends. LOL!!!

Go easy on ur mum. U want her alive for ur wedding dont you? Be a dutiful daughter and be one step ahead of her and COMPLETE the tasks she expects of you!! LOL!!!