A Heart to Mend- Book Promotion

An Aspiring Author myself, I am thrilled to promote this amazing work of fiction by Myne Whitman. 

Sheltered Gladys Eborah has spent most of her life in a suburb of Enugu brought up in a deprived single parent household after losing her father as a young girl. After finishing her education, she moves to Lagos to seek a job and moves in with an estranged aunt who now wants to be forgiven for all perceived wrongs. Gladys suspects Aunt Isioma abandoned them out of disdain for their poverty, and has the uneasy role of the bridge between both families.

Her new friendships and career achievements gradually transition Gladys into an independent young woman. Soon, she begins to fall for wealthy Edward Bestman who, though physically attracted to her, is emotionally unavailable. Edward is very wealthy, but he is haunted by the past of his illegitimate birth and other secrets he will not share.

The themes of premarital sex, social class mobility, and romantic ups and downs that mark a budding love are fully explored. However, Myne Whitman takes the story even further. Some unnamed people are about to take over Edward’s business empire and Gladys is implicated. Who are these people who want to betray him and destroy their happiness?

What others are saying:

“Written by a Nigerian…with Nigerian characters and setting, “A heart to mend” is a fun and fast read.” – PAMELA STITCH, African Loft Magazine

“…a powerful story of how love doesn’t strut, never gives up, never looks back and keeps going to the end.” - SHOLA ADU-OKUBOTE, Femme Lounge Online

“…something different. Some may say it is ideal to think about love…but love (romance) still exists against all odds.” - TEMITAYO OLOFINLUA, Bookaholic

“A Heart to Mend will bring tears to the eyes and cheers at the end especially for those who have experienced the search for a career or tumultuous family and emotional relationships.” – LAN THANO, Seattle

"A Heart to Mend is certainly a romance story laddered with emotion...and already the suspense is building..."AHAOMA KANU, National Daily Newspaper

“Nigerian readers can now satisfy their yearning for well written, homegrown romance stories while the foreign readers can treat themselves to a different kind of romance--one made in the highly boisterous commercial Lagos.” - NEXT Newspaper


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Myne Whitman said...

hey Bimby, thanks so much for the promo, it came out very well.

I love the new template but just went back to re-read some of the past BBs and they were unreadable due to the color.

I voted for once a week o, and we're winning, lol.

redpuree said...

whoooweee! omobimmmmby.. welcome back oo.. Just realised you've been back for a minute. I pray me free time soon to do all the catching up I have missed..Must assign time to do so sharpishly. How u dey and the family.. Take care and keep it red and hawt like firee:-)