A tad bit Random!

Dear Anonymous commenter,

How on earth did you guess that I could speak Chinese? Clap for yourself.. kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa!. Now, that I have given you three minutes of attention. PLEASE dont place nonsense chinese comments on my comment page again sho'bo mi? ( sho'gbo is Chinese for you hear?!). Dont make me send you some thunder faya prayer point o!. I don talk my own.


Isnt it annoying how people, very random people can make comments on your blog posts that have totally nothing in common with the blog you took three hours of painstaking effort ( ok, more like 10 minutes) to write? I mean, I wrote a blog on weddings, ( check previous 2 posts) and here comes some Anonymous person offering me a chance to get rich quick on some foolish scheme. Hiss. Big Hiss.

Anyway, so I went to the library the other day. How many people in the house do Libraries?!! lemme hear a 'yeeeeeeeee'.. lol.. I am so big on Libraries, infact, so big that I met Chinese eyes in the Library, and fast forward...what? 7 years.. WHAT?!! ITS BEEN 7 years?! Oh my!!. Chinese eyes and I have come a long way since he batted those luscious lashes at me. ( I know, it should be the other way round, but my hubby got there first).
Anyway, so I am in the library, and there comes this woman and two of her kids. I am sat at a table in the kiddies section... ( yeah, they tend to bounce you from adult section once you've popped one)... and Minbim is crawling beside me. As an aspiring writer, I tend to study people a great deal, and I couldnt help but notice how this woman and her kids were relating to each other. The momma would speak to her kids in some foreign language, sounds a lot like Indian, ( plus there was some shaking of head from side to side); and her kids would respond. What amazed me the most was that, these kids could speak perfect queen's English as well.

Which brings me to my Random ramble of the day: Why is it that YORUBA speaking parents loathe to speak the Language to thier kids in public?!! I am yet to see a chic-looking mum in public, turn to her kid and say ' t'in ba fun e ni backhand, waaa calm down.' ( If I give u a back hand slap....)

Igbo and Hausa speaking peeps always teach thier kids the language, or so I have come to believe, but us Yoruba's? noooo!!! ( click finger over head!), we no fit. Its a disgrashe for our kids to be seen as razz in public?!

If you are in that school of thought, allow me to pull my cheeks and stick my tongue out at you and say: oooobiiiiiiiii!! shame on youuu!!

Why can't you teach your child her mother tongue? I heard from my mum that I didnt speak a word of English until I turned tigi ( three) years old. Yup, and see how I turned out!? Even though Chinese eyes really beleives that I have small deficiency in english, due to my childhood. wareefa.

Please o, as from today, any child I see in public, as long as they are black and look Yoruba, I will hold out my hands to them and say :
A for Aja;
bee for Bimbo ;
dee for Dolapo.
Okan Eeji Eeta.
Ki la ma je? Rice!

And while we are talking Libraries; some Albanian woman, came to sit opposite me the other day. Minibim was gurgling away on my lap, and this lady, who probably can only say two words in English, stares at Minibim for a loong long time. I am there, wondering: hope nothing o, why you dey look my pickin like say you wan chop am?
Next thing I know, this woman bursts into a big smile, points and minibim and declares, rather loudy:

"babee Monkaay.. cheekee monkaaay!"

E'wooo!? na who bi Monkey? You don kolo finish. I quickly rejected the insult in Jesus name and Packed my child and I out of there.

Looking back now, I realise that she didnt mean any harm, she was just trying to say that minibim was cute. Next time, try using words like: cutie pie. Not Monkey. We are black people that take offence at such stuff.

Final rambling: I am itching to begin another book series on my blog. Lovers of Sade, Eniola, Wale and Bode..are u still in the House?

have a great week,
Bimbylads, Iya Minibim, Iyawo Chinese eyes.


Unbiased said...

Glad you are back. I got the same person on my blog. so thankful for the blog approval thingy.
MiniBim monkey ke? You for slap the woman right quick! Arggh!

Me i learn yoruba in primary school and my yoruba is still brutal but my cousins learned yoruba before English and their english is flawless now. I envy them sometimes so please speak yoruba to minibims!

O and crank our that book now now! Not weekly but 3updates per week. Can you keep that up?

Unbiased said...

Are you serious? I was first? Wow! Where is my milo and tomtom?

Tinu said...

yaaaaay ur back!oruba was spoken in my house o and u dared not reply in english,
gosh and the woman that called miibim a monkey ma ti fn ni ifoti!arrrant nonsense!
and i actually love speaking yoruba

NoLimit said...

Yes we are!!!
Please start a series sharply!!!
I will be to grateful!

Myne Whitman said...

It's usually the Igbo I hear that don't speak the language to their children. me I will speak oo, but maybe not too much seeing as we would be leaving out SO.

But that Albanian woman, why didn't you call her to order sharply?

I didn't see the series but would love to read another blogsville story.

93 the clarksons said...

Madam probably the commentator felt chinese eyes would be able to interpret for u na! I love reading ur blog sha. I usually come here to sneak. This is my 1st time of dropping a comment. Guess u know who this is.

Adeboy said...

You should have corrected the albanian woman, monkey ko monkey ni. I learnt english in school and spoke yoruba at home. My children not speaking yoruba ta ni won fe fi jo.

leggy said...

ha ha. we spoke igbo in public oh abeg.and that albanian woman..seriously?monkey?na wa oh.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

@ unbiased: lol. how now? missed u loads. its peppersoup and bournvita o.!!

@Myne: thanks for ur comment, im working on starting the new series soon, God help me
lol@ tinu,adeboy& leggy! bless u's.

@ 93 d clarksons: aww!! memoriesss!!! how are uuuuuu??? how have u been? been wondering what u r up to now?! thanks for stopping by n commenting on my blog

LASGIDI/ NY said...

God Bless u for that Observation, I wonder why they are so eagar to teach their kids french, spanish but not yoruba, If only our people will sit back and appreciate how rich yoruba lanugage is. I beleive that all these foregin laungauges and countires we all admire it is becos of where they put themselevs and see themselves that is why we have met it so. If we continue loking at our own as rubbish it will always be rubbish. As for me , Nah yoruba and english together, no child of mine will grow up and not know how to speak it well, better than me self wey born them.

Anonymous said...

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temmy tayo said...

Iya Minibim,kia kia change this template. And yeah, we gast to speak ypruba to this children oh in case of emergency.lol

How is CE? I am coming to see the queen very soon, me shall stop by to see ya. And of cos cant wait for your mini series.

web-o said...

Hiya ..... amazed to c u're still bloggin'... guess u're blessed wit a really deep word/thot well (more ora to ur erukun)... as per speaking yoruba in public ... well u know the pry sch. rule abt speaking in vernacular .... and how certain rules helped shape who we are today ... Just a theory o ... Wld definitely pop in more often now ... Cheers (and some more ora ....)

Niks La Mode. said...

Am with them start a series n keep on blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bimby , I have not read your blog in two years , and I am glad you are back, I just read your posts , I had a baby a while back too and I can really feel you, my dear my size is an issue right now and my husband is not finding it funny at all, He keeps saying TY, no be like this I marry you, I thot it was breasfeeding but I have since weaned my daughter and my size refused to come down. I bought skipping rope, skipped a few times, do sit ups all to no avail, so i decided skipping meals, before I knew it, dizzinness is the order of the day . my mum had to warn me not kill myself oo, as I am not the first woman to born pikin and grow big =, anyway we will not give up, abi , we will go back to a smaller size lol, I am in the office right now laffing my heart out cos I am reading your blog, my coulleauges are wondering what is wrong, keep up the good work lady, no mind that woman wey call Minibims monkey.

sub-conscious said...

....bin a yl since i read ur blog o. dat sade and eniola series got me hooked mehn! cant wait for anoda 1.. we're still here...

yayi said...

Anytime, I remember your post about your little cousin that tries to lift people, I just crack up big time. I am glad I read this one too, pls never loose your sense of humour. Good job.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ema gba mi o. I no wan do business with u! na by force? please who knows how I can contact blogger police for this harrasment?

N.I.M.M.O said...

Iya MinBim,

Forget about the Chinese Anon its spam. Really nothing you can do about them but to delete or block anon comments.

Personally, compared to the types of Anons we used to have, these ones are tame.

As for another mini book series, you know we, the fans, are always here.

Bring it on!

ibilola said...

Yay! another series - i'm looking forward to it.

Ma sista, c us o! I think Yorubas' suffer greatly from slavery mentality!

We forget that d oyinbo master "educated" us so we can speak on his level. Must we forget that we also need to speak to each other?

God was not stupid when he enriched Yoruba for us to call deep to deep.

Anonymous said...


temmy tayo said...

My friend aka mama mini bims u have been tagged on my blog o. Kia kia make u go see am now now.

Merry xmas in advance

Anonymous said...

Bimbs we still dey o. Anoda Sade wont be a bad idea. ...and i used to think it was d igbos dat dint like to speak dia lang in public. my dia e be like say na naija thing. we want make pple tink say we toosh meanwhile nothing....

Happy new year dear, may nothing but LOVE grow in ur home.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

YankeeNaija said...

son of a bish. when, how did i miss this post? seeing as I keep on top of when you post. i'm so ashamed. abeg Bim, eh, please o, no vex. i dey sorry. eh wo, Chineke, ne kwa this nonsense, see me see trouble o. Bim, my sista, i dey for ground, on hands and knees, abi, knees and hands, whichever. please o, mek you forgive me for my insensible sensiblity. I am back in full force, with true adoration and devotion.
and yes, another series. i miss those days of being in class and just not being able to contain myself because I was wondering if that day would be the day you would post the continuation. take care my dear wonderful genius.

Fola said...

Looking forward to another book series!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad I came across your blog. I have spent the last half hour laughing with tears pouring out of my eyes and that rarely happens- the tears part. With laughter I mean. i'll be back. And can't wait to read your mini series too! Have a blessed rest of the week.